Monday, May 7, 2007


Saw Spiderman 3 yesterday, but that is not what this is about...

I watched a movie yesterday, and it may be the worst one I have ever seen. This particular movie was a "National Lampoon" movie, and I have let go of all hope that their movies were ever going to be funny again a long time ago. But I didn't expect this.

The movie, National Lampoon's Blackball, succeeded in doing what no movie has done before, and that is keep me watching despite never once being interested. If you like British Comedy like Monty Python's you better stay away from this film. If you don't like British Comedy, then you better stay away from this film. Click on the link, it's for Rotten Tomatos, a movie review site, and it doesn't get one good review.

If British Comedy was a high school class, the producers of this film better hope the teacher drops the lowest grade. This film was so bad it could fail a student with perfect marks. It was supposed to be a comedy, it wasn't funny. Not only that, it didn't even seem to be a bad drama or suspense film, it was just a horrible movie, it tasted bad even.

There was a bright spot I suppose, Vince Vaughn was in it. But he wasn't the bright spot. The bright spot was that the movie was about a psuedo-sport (Balls) that was overly dramatized for marketing purposes. The finals at the end of the movie was similar to the end of Dodgeball (except that there were no laughs). So it seems as maybe Vaughn, while on this movie, thought to himself, "This movie sucks, but perhaps we can make a funny one like it later." I don't know how much Vaughn had to do with coming up with "Dodgeball" but if him being in this piece of crap contributed to that movie being made, then perhaps it wasn't all for nothing.

It was Sunday, I was bored, the movie was on Starz Comedy, so I gave it a chance. I've yet to figure out why I had no ability to turn it off.

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