Friday, May 4, 2007

Jewish Holidays

Recently, I was asked "how many Jewish holidays are there?" Well, I found out, 22, if you count Israeli holidays. Here's a List

Sunday is Yom Ha'atzma'u, or Israeli Independence day, last Sunday was Yom HaShoah, the Holocaust Remembrance Day. Saturday is Yom Hazikaron, Jewish Memorial Day.
A quick explanation of some random Jewish Holidays:

Chanukkah - We were kicked out of our homeland, candle lasted longer than it should have.

Passover - Jews were slaves, Moses killed a bunch of Egyptian first born sons to change that.

The Three Weeks and the Nine Days - collapse of Jerusalem during Roman Occupation

22 isn't a lot, I supposed we get a lot of crap are the amount of days these holidays take up. Passover is a week, Chanukah is 8 days, and The The Weeks and the Nine Days is.., um, three weeks (the 9 days are within the three weeks). Add the Yom etc, holidays above, thats about 40 days of holidays, for only 6 actual holidays.

I bring those particular holidays up for a reason though. They are all the end results of other people messing with us. Jews would love to never have been bounced around from country to country, been slaves, or victims of a Holocaust, but we were. Half of our holidays (in terms of days) are your fault, so stop bitching.

Oh, by the way, April 25th is "Administrative Professionals Day," not a Jewish holiday, apparently we're not the only ones who can't go two weeks without a holiday.

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